Where we stand

We all have a responsibility to make sure that our planet and environment are taken care of, not only for ourselves, but also for the next generation, and the next, and the next one after that... yeah, you get it.


To help ensure a prosperous planet and reduce our carbon footprint we have taken the following actions:

  • We make our clothes on demand (they are produced after an order is placed), and by doing so we don’t exceed market demand and end up having to throw away unbought clothes. 

  • We work with suppliers that are consistent with our values and high standards. Our manufacturing partners are proud holders of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate.

  • The printers used in production employ environmenally-friendly, water-based ink, and the printing process itself is mostly waterless and highly energy-efficient.

  • Our clothes are certified by OEKO-TEX® and WRAP.

  • Each product we add to our store is thoroughly tested to ensure high quality. To make sure the products last long, we do durability, wash, and wear tests.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. #teamnewface