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"Very good! Actually a bit shocked of how good the shirt feels!

Real comfy and the size guide was good."

 a letter from new face  

Fashion and style should be more than just a piece of clothing - it should be able to tell a story, show who you are and invoke confidence, and for those three exact reasons we decided to launch New Face Scandinavia.  We draw inspiration from the world when designing our clothes, and therefore, all of our clothes are named after the city from which they are inspired. It’s important to be able to express yourself and to feel truly confident in the way you dress, and that’s something we always keep in mind when designing every collection.  When wearing New Face Scandinavia you will tell a story, show who you are and experience a new kind of confidence.


Thank you for becoming part of #teamnewface.


With love,

New Face Scandinavia

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